When it Rains…

So pretty much immediately after publishing the article “Saving September” which detailed my challenge to spend only a very specific, planned amount of money for the month, it rained.

Now that wouldn’t normally be a bad thing. We NEED rain. It’s been a very dry summer. This place is tinder-city. The forest is literally in my back yard, so I have a vested interest in moisture.

However, this rain came in at a specific, perhaps unusual angle, and resulted in a wet spot in the ceiling of the hallway underneath where the garage roof meets the house.



In some ways, I’m glad it happened. We’ve lived here for 4 years with no roof issues. But now, we have been blessed with the knowledge of (possibly) having pools of filthy water and a black mould creature in the attic.

At this moment, we haven’t looked up there yet. I am afraid.

The spot. It’s shaped like a bell. Tolling the bitter end of the September Saving Challenge, no doubt.

I guess the moral of this story is, when you make a budget, things will change on a dime. ESPECIALLY if you publish the budget on the internet for all to see. So you gotta be flexible. Roll with the punches, so to speak. I totally stole that from Jesse Mecham of YNAB fame (rule 3). Anyway, you get the picture. Lesson learned, and all that jazz.

Roof guy coming on Labour Day (he’s dedicated). He will tell us the damage. I will then publish the damage. Sigh.

Umm also, I forgot about my parent’s wedding anniversary. D’OH! I guess that could come out of the Christmas gift fund…

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