Weekly FIRE Report – March 4th, 2019

Guys. This has been the WORST WEEK ever in my FIRE journey. Like, nothing really bad happened, except that I didn’t do much AT ALL in terms of getting myself along the FIRE path. Ugh.

Honestly I’m still in a fog of Daylight Savings Time Change, 2 days later, I don’t even really know what’s going on around me. Basically life is just one cup of coffee to the next in an attempt to keep going with the 815-415 Monday-Friday slog.  I don’t know for sure that slog is the right word, but it FEELS right.

Slog: to plod (one’s way) perseveringly especially against difficulty.  -Merriam-Webster

Definitely sounds right. Anyhoo, on to the depressing weekly FIRE report.

Things I did this week to accelerate my path to FIRE

Zero things. That’s right! Like, nothing. Nada, zippo, zilch. I did post 2 items for sale, but neither of them sold. So I’m not counting that.

Things I HAD PLANNED TO DO, but didn’t do. But will try to do this week, even though my mojo has vanished. SLOG ONWARD!

  • Tweaks from the Afford Anything one tweak a week challenge – research my salary and Develop a catch phrase that you’ll ask yourself whenever you’re about to spend money. For an example, see my last weekly report!
  • Continue to improve my adherence to my Get Healthy Plan
  • Get a copy of “Your Money or your Life” by Vicki Robin, because I had to return mine to the library 🙁
  • Post my month 5 FIRE report on this blog (This WILL happen before the end of the week!!)
  • Start on filing my taxes for 2018. I couldn’t be more excited. /s

New thing

This week’s tweak – adjust your thermostat by 1 degree. Therefore I need to turn my heat pumps down to 19 instead of 20 when I’m home. I envision a lot of housecoat wearing in my future. And maybe a cozy hat.

This month I’ve decided not to do any extra debt repayments or increase my savings goals until my work contract is approved. My current contract ends on March 31st. It is in a good position to be renewed (for 3 whole years!), however I’m holding off on any acceleration of payments until it’s official. Fingers crossed!

I hope your week went better than mine did. Let me know what FIRE-y activities you completed in the comments. Byeeeeeeeeee!

A cup of black coffee with a happy face looking foam on the top.
Basically the only thing keeping me going at this point.

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