Weekly FIRE Report – March 18th, 2019

Well, I’ve been a terrible blogger over the past couple of weeks. Other than the Weekly Report, this blog is a barren wasteland. I’m really trying to get a course done for my PMP certification renewal (Project Management Professional) before it expires in April. It’s not good to let it lapse, so all efforts are focused on that! Also, trying to keep up with my healthy habits means spending more time meal planning and prepping, which *hopefully* has the side effect of saving money.

Consequently, I didn’t do any of the things I was planning to do last week, except inflate my tires. Honestly I was pretty jazzed because it allowed me to use our new handy and AWESOME tire inflator + jump starter combo. I’m unsure why I ever manually pumped up a tire in the past, but it’s certainly never happening again, gosh darn it!

Things I HAD PLANNED TO DO, but didn’t do.

  • Tweaks from the Afford Anything one tweak a week challenge – research my salary. Still haven’t done this.
  • Get a copy of “Your Money or your Life” by Vicki Robin
  • Post my month 5 FIRE report on this blog….It’s only March whatever for Pete’s sake!

New thing

This week’s tweak is to hold any online purchase items in your cart for one week. I did buy a thing today online, but it’s because it’s already been in my cart for a few weeks. This is ok, right? I won’t probably make any other online purchases this week, and if I do, I won’t.

I’m also going to make an extra payment to debt if the income tax refunds come in…fingers crossed.

Lastly, Hubs and I have agreed to find savings somewhere in our budget to allow us to increase our allowance amounts. No movement has happened on this yet, but hopefully we can get something done this weekend. Checking insurance quotes is top of mind.

Good luck this week to everyone!



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