Weekly FIRE Report – February 25, 2019

Welcome to the end of another month. AND, another Weekly Report. Hurrah! Winter is going on FOREVER here in Canada. Worst one in a long time. It started early and appears to be ending late. Spring is *apparently* in 16 days. Whatever, calendar.

A calendar that states Spring Begins on March 20th.
Lying calendar that says “Spring Begins” on March 20th.

I hope everyone pursuing FIRE was able to achieve great things this week! I had a pretty poor week in terms of achieving FIRE-related activities. This weekly report really says it all. You’ll notice that some of my completed items may be a bit of a stretch in terms of helping me to achieve FIRE. But hey, the spiralizer *was* free, and theoretically it will also encourage me to meal prep more. See? Kind of a stretch. I know. On to the report!

Things I managed to do

  • Sent new Risk questionnaire and other information to my Financial Adviser. We’ll see what he comes up with for improvements to my portfolio.
  • Finished the month UNDER $800 spent on groceries! ($762.94 to be exact) This is unheard of in my household. Let’s see if we can do it again!
  • Got buy in from Hubs to have a no-spend month. In fact, he wants to have 2 this year. WHATTTTT?!??? So awesome.
  • Got a *free* spiralizer from a Buy Nothing group in my area. Let’s just say I’m pretty jazzed about making new fancy noodles and salads cheaply from my piles of root vegetables. YAY!
  • Added an “About” page to my blog. Apparently this is a good thing to do? Or so other bloggers seem to think. IDK. Maybe no one cares. Regardless, I feel an enhancement to my blog counts as a FIRE activity.

Some things from previous reports, some new things for this week

  • Last week’s Tweak from the Afford Anything one tweak a week challenge – research your salary! My assignment is to check at least 3 websites to find out average compensation for my job. This should be a quick task.
  • This week’s tweak is cool, and I will do it: Develop a catch phrase that you’ll ask yourself whenever you’re about to spend money. For example:
    • “Would I rather have [X], or would I rather put this money towards a plane ticket to Bali?”
    • “Would I rather spend [X], or would I rather be [Y number of days/weeks] closer to financial independence?”
  • Continue to improve my adherence to my Get Healthy Plan
  • Get a copy of “Your Money or your Life” by Vicki Robin, because I had to return mine to the library 🙁
  • Post my month 5 FIRE report on this blog
  • Start on filing my taxes for 2018. PAR-TAY!

Please let me know what you did this week to help your financial situation. Thanks for coming by!


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