Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 4, 2019

Welcome to the T on FIRE weekly FIRE report!

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Sadly, our local FI/RE mastermind meeting was postponed. I’ll be sure to post an update once a new date is determined. On to this week’s activities.

Over the past week, I did the following activities to move me closer to FIRE:

  • Called the bank again to talk to human. Permanently increased automated payment by $400 per month to RRSP loan. Also made an extra payment of $1500 thanks to a rebate cheque. I will also be making ANOTHER extra $600 payment this month which was not planned, as I decided to move some money out of my emergency savings to make it work a bit harder for me.
  • As part of the Afford Anything “One Tweak a Week” challenge, I was responsible to list 1 item for sale. I listed 5, and sold 3 items!! this amounted to only $21. That said, I’ve got a couple more potential sales in the bag this week, so more on that later.
  • Posted my January expense and FIRE report.
  • Started reading “Your Money or Your Life” – Vicki Robin recently updated it to modern times which I was super excited to hear. So far, I’m entranced. It’s so good and I’ve barely scratched the surface!

New category: Things I said I would do, but didn’t, so now I have to do them this week!

  • Put some time into getting my new side hustle off the ground. Why I am so slack on this I do not know. I guess because it’s something new, and new things are hard to learn. I think I’m going to invent a new term for myself. I’m aiming for “Lazy FIRE” – what is the laziest way I can reach FIRE?
  • Actually schedule meeting with Financial Adviser. His secretary didn’t get back to me until today. I didn’t get back to her. It’s the old dance of not doing anything at all to initiate.

Other things for this week

  • Post 1 eBay item for sale. I have a few things that need to go up, but the thought of packing them, measuring the boxes, taking pictures, posting the listing…..SMACKS of effort. Haha. It will happen though. This week. Uh-huh.
  • Have a frugal Valentine’s evening with Hubs. We have a plan, and it’s cheap! But also will be a fun time.
  • Follow my get healthy plan. This involves: Intermittent fasting (eating only from 11am-8pm), eating healthy foods and tracking them in my favorite free tool, MyFitnessPal. Tracking helps me be accountable as well! Exercising several times this week, and drinking minimum 2 litres of water a day. Tally Ho!
  • Take my broken boot to George, my boot guy, to see if he can repair it. I hope this is possible, and less expensive than a new pair of boots.
  • Move my Emergency fund to my new high interest savings account with EQ bank. This goes along with my new mantra – “Make my dollars work harder“.
  • For the one tweak a week challenge I have to Write my Why. In fewer than 100 words, describe why I’m motivated to improve my financial life. This should be interesting…

Please leave a comment to let me know what you did to get to better your financial situation over the past week, or what you are planning for this week. T OUT!

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