TONFIRE Blog Update – 1.42 Years In

Blog Update – You may have noticed that I’ve devised a new blogging schedule. That is, to add a new blog update every Wednesdsay. HURRAY! That said, I was able to maintain the schedule until this week, and then life got in the way. Darn it, life! I’m going to remedy that by next week. Already starting a new post for y’all.

Every day is a fresh start - Blog Update

Although I’ve been part of the bloggosphere since October 2018, I am still learning new things literally every day, and trying to figure out my place in the online world. It’s a huge challenge! But, I enjoy it; I think it dusts some of the cobwebs off the ‘ole brain that has not had to learn anything for several years. Except maybe small things, like, replacing a broken floor tile, and parenting. Actually I still haven’t learned that second one yet.

I still do not have a ton of readers. Does that matter? I think it’s all fine and good. But it makes me wonder how “accessable” the FIRE concept is for the majority of people. I feel like trying to be FI or FIRE or any other variation is pretty foreign to the general population.  Most people I know really don’t have any concept of this…they are in the throws of consumerism and “work till your 65+ because you have to pay for all your expensive new products and larger than needed home” mentality. Not that there’s anything wrong with working to later in life, especially if you love it. But there IS something wrong with the rampant consumerism that is destroying lives and the planet. Many do not seem to mind trading their money for their life. Maybe they don’t realize what is happening?

It would be nice for more people to identify with the FI or FIRE concept, however I think from an informational perspective, it’s almost too advanced for someone to start reading a blog like this out of the blue. The types of blogs and content I see that appear most successful are a bit more rudimentary – what are the basic tools  you need to become financially savvy? Things like budgeting, debt repayment strategies, and saving money on groceries.

Half of me wants to shut down, and start something more accessible to more people. I guess the question is – do I want to help myself and blog about my own FIRE efforts for motivational purposes, or do I want to help others by providing (hopefully) valuable but perhaps more applicable / available content to a larger audience?

I guess I want to do both, but since I have issues maintaining this one blog, I don’t think trying to maintain 2 blogs would really be effective.

Should I keep TONFIRE? Should I go for something more accessible to a wider audience? If I do keep this blog, what would you like to see more of? And, thanks for listening to my ongoing internal monologue of blab, dear reader.



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  1. You could keep this blog, but start a segment or series that is geared more towards the beginners? Just because FIRE is in the name, doesn’t mean you can’t just write whatever you want anyway! I can understand the struggle, it’s been a lot of work for us too, and sometimes it’s hard to measure the returns.

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