The T on FIRE $500 Challenge – Are You READY!?

Here’s the thing.

If you’ve been reading my blog you know that I haven’t been saving much during my aggressive debt obliteration. I’ve been frustrated that I cannot fund my brandy-new TFSA Questrade account to try my hand at investing due to the $1000 you need to have laying around. What am I, a thousand-aire? Sheesh. 

So far, I’ve saved $500 of my allowance for the purposes of investing it. I could have saved more, but I’ve been a bit frivolous with dining out (the silliest purchases) and giving Hubs a romantic gift of $40 straight from my allowance on Father’s Day (the best use of allowance money thus far). Long story short, it’s taking me WAY TOO LONG to save $1000! I need to get there already!

Enter the T on FIRE $500 challenge.

The goal:

Make $500 in 3 months. Challenge starts now and ends September 30th, 2019. All proceeds get deposited into my Questrade account for immediate investing!

The rules:

  1. Post every gain on the blog so you can all see my progress and I can be accountable to someone. Because otherwise, I suck at stuff. OOOH! Maybe I will make a new printable.
  2. ANY method can be used to make/find the $$. Some ideas I’ve been throwing around include:
    • Selling items I no longer use
    • Working a part time job
    • Online gigs such as user testing, surveys, etc.
    • Dog walking via
    • Collecting up the loose change in the house and taking it to the bank (probably 100 bucks right there!)
    • Trying my hand at Amazon FBA (Fufilled by Amazon)
    • Picking up random coins found on the street. Okay, this may be a bit much.
    • Collecting interest on my high interest savings accounts – this one is pretty easy 🙂
    • Selling crafts that I create (I like to dabble in various crafts of various types, and never get really good at any of them).
A rock painted with a mandala design
A mandala rock I painted recently. Because everyone needs a painted rock!

I feel like this $500 challenge is totally doable, but it requires continuous effort. The challenge must always be top of mind! Which is why I created this cheesy printable in approx. 10 minutes on Google Docs using only my laptop track pad:

Cheesy Google docs Printable for $500 challenge
Cheesy Printable going on the fridge. Each square is worth $10!

Alright, I’ve announced, publicly committed to, and game-ified this challenge. What more can I do to ensure ACTION?

I don’t really know. If you have any suggestions for further motivational steps, please note them in the comments. AND, if you want to JOIN my challenge, let me know and I can send you the cheesy printable! Or you can make your own to increase self-gratification when you fill in all the squares. If you DO decide to join the challenge, please let me know! We can motivate each other and generate new wacky ideas to reach our goal. Hurray for peer pressure!

That’s it for now. I hope to post a challenge update soon. Bye for now!

3 Replies to “The T on FIRE $500 Challenge – Are You READY!?”

  1. I love how you gamify your goals with these colour-in pages. So fun. I’m going to steal your idea the next time I need some extra motivation to reach a goal.

    PS That mandala rock is GORGEOUS! You have a real talent there. 🙂

    1. Please steal away! If you find it inspirational, please let me know! There is something so satisfying about colouring in boxes. I am not sure why. Thank you for your feedback regarding my mandala rock. Although I like how it turned out, I’m unsure of the general usefulness of painted rocks. Haha! But perhaps people will just buy them for their decorative and soothing qualities 🙂

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