PayTM Canada App Review – 2019

Since I started working towards achieving FIRE, I’ve been looking for ways to increase our income, even in small increments. These add up you know! In October, I signed up for a service called PayTM Canada. I’ve been wanting to do a review of the app as it seems not many people are using it yet, but I also wanted to get a few months of usage under my belt to provide a true picture of the experience. Continue reading “PayTM Canada App Review – 2019”

The Power of YNAB – A Newbie Review

If you’ve been following along in my FIRE journey, you know that I’ve started the ball rolling by reducing our family expenses. I’ve invested $84 USD to access the budgeting tool at (YNAB), since I’ve had a great experience so far with the 34 day trial (currently on day 33). This post is NOT sponsored by YNAB!

The tool itself doesn’t “save you money”. However what it does do is change your mindset. Continue reading “The Power of YNAB – A Newbie Review”

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