Monthly Financial Independence Report – Feb 2021

Well Hello there! It’s about time I got around to doing this, it being late-March. Heavens, things are busy. Can’t drop the ball on the monthly reports though – analysis of spending is something we NEEEED to keep doing so we can be aware and make course corrections. Continue reading “Monthly Financial Independence Report – Feb 2021”

Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – August 2020

According to my calculations, August 2020 is month 23 of attempting to achieve Financial Independence, with a goal to eventually Retire Early. Hurray! Continue reading “Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – August 2020”

Month 15 on the Journey to FIRE – December 2019

Well hello. I’m thinking going forward I should just call this the monthly FIRE report. Like, I feel like I’m talking about a toddler. A 15-month old toddler. Hmm. That’s a good analogy to where I’m at on this journey to FIRE. Just a toddler, bumbling around and hitting my head on things. On to the good stuff! Continue reading “Month 15 on the Journey to FIRE – December 2019”

Month 14 on the Journey to FIRE – November 2019

Well hello there. Posts are getting scarce. Is one post a month enough to bring the boys to the yard? Unlikely. I’ll need to work on that. Let’s get right to business, shall we? Continue reading “Month 14 on the Journey to FIRE – November 2019”

Month 9 FIRE Report – June 2019

Welcome to the Month 9 FIRE Report!

G’day blog readers. 9 months. Takes that long to make a human. And apparently to make a slightly better financial outlook. Here’s the deets on Month 9 of attempting FIRE! Continue reading “Month 9 FIRE Report – June 2019”

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