Months 10 & 11 FIRE Report – July and August 2019

11 months? REALLY? Wowza. In many ways I feel I’ve not done enough. In other ways I feel I’ve done so much more than I would have without a significant change in my mindset 11 months ago. I don’t know which one outweighs the other. Perhaps that isn’t important at all. However, I am definitely going to reflect on this as the first year of attempting FI/RE comes to a close. Welcome to the monthly FIRE report. Continue reading “Months 10 & 11 FIRE Report – July and August 2019”

Month 8 FIRE Report – May 2019

Welcome to the Month 8 FIRE Report!

If you just wandered in fromĀ  who knows where, this report tracks my monthly efforts towards achieving FIRE – Financial Independence, Retire Early.

So far, I’ve been keeping it simple. Savings, extra income, debt repayment, and expenses. Sometime soon, I hope to add charts and graphs and other fancy analytics measuring my progress to FIRE on some kind of nifty timeline. For now, you get what you get. Which is what I can pull together in the span of my lunch break. Continue reading “Month 8 FIRE Report – May 2019”

Month 7 FIRE Report – April 2019

Well well, 7 months along. Welcome to the monthly report! Considering it takes most people YEARS to reach FIRE, I’m doing okay I guess. I realize that I need to set some serious FIRE goals to allow myself to better measure success. I’d appreciate knowing what kind of goals you set for yourself financially? I do have a goal to pay all debt except Mortgage by June of 2020 (Which I’m secretly planning to beat). However I’m toying with the idea of setting specific goals for monthly expenses, income increases, savings rate, etc. Continue reading “Month 7 FIRE Report – April 2019”

Month 6 FIRE Report – Delayed, but not Forgotten

It’s been 6 months of attempting to achieve FIRE as of March 2019. I’d like to say I’ve saved thousands of dollars, and made thousands more than pre-FIRE times. But I’m not there yet. Continue reading “Month 6 FIRE Report – Delayed, but not Forgotten”

Month 5 FIRE Report – February 2019

Welcome to the February Monthly FIRE Report! Yes, I realize it’s almost April. Yes, I realize I’ve been slacking on my FIRE efforts. YES I AM GOING TO DO BETTER! Yes, I will stop starting sentences with the word “yes”. Continue reading “Month 5 FIRE Report – February 2019”

Pre-FIRE Monthly Expenses Unleashed!

Since joining Instagram (@_tonfire), I’ve found a huge community of individuals attempting to achieve FI and/or FIRE. It’s very reassuring to see that so many people think this is a good idea! Also it’s very interesting to see the different methods and approaches that people are using to reduce monthly expenses. Continue reading “Pre-FIRE Monthly Expenses Unleashed!”

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