CHALLENGE $1000 2020 – Make $1000 extra in 2020!

a banner for the $1000 challenge

As you may recall, I did the “make $500 challenge” back in the summer of 2019. The purpose of the challenge was to make enough extra money to fund my new Questrade TFSA. Now that that’s done, I’m challenging myself to make $1000 extra in 2020 over and above what I accounted for in my annual income forecast in order to bump up my savings rate for the year. Hurray! Continue reading “CHALLENGE $1000 2020 – Make $1000 extra in 2020!”

When your FIRE efforts seem Insignificant

This has been a week of shitty happenings in the lives of people I know. It’s only Wednesday. There have been a string of serious health issues, and even one unexpected death of a family acquaintance. Each instance has caused a building anxiety in me. In all cases, the individuals affected are young people in their early-late 40s that seemed to be leading normal, healthy lives. Just like me. Continue reading “When your FIRE efforts seem Insignificant”

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