Day One of DIY Investing

Even just two years ago, I would NEVER have expected to be DIY investing. I doubt I knew DIY investing was an actual thing. I mean yeah, I knew a guy who traded stocks online by himself in his basement when he wasn’t working his day job, and probably spent hours researching companies and markets in an attempt to make a profit. But really that was SO FAR out of my wheelhouse that it just seemed like something as distant as magical rainbow unicorns. Continue reading “Day One of DIY Investing”

Learning about Investing – Diary of a person who knows zero things

After listening to tons of podcasts and reading tons of blogs about FI/RE, investing is something I need to learn about. Things like, what is an index fund? What’s an ETF? What the f&*k is everyone talking about? Continue reading “Learning about Investing – Diary of a person who knows zero things”

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