Hello Fresh vs. Good Food Meal Kits Review 2020

Subscription meal kits are ALL THE RAGE these days. I’ve always been someone who enjoys cooking, but doesn’t have sufficient time to do it as well/often as I would like. A friend gave me a free box promo for 2 different services for me to try, and who can say no to free, yummy food?? Continue reading “Hello Fresh vs. Good Food Meal Kits Review 2020”

Let’s talk about Food

As I’m sure with the case of many of you, I love food. My family loves food. FOOOD! The result of this is we spend WAY too much on it. Our grocery food budget in past months have been topping out at over $1000 for 2 adults and one child. That doesn’t even count eating out. I joined a youneedabudget.com (YNAB) Facebook group recently to get tips on the tool, and someone posted they were spending $350 on groceries in a month for 4 people (2 children). Ugh. Continue reading “Let’s talk about Food”

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