Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – January 2020

Welcome to another installment of the monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) report! This report details activities in my 16th month on my journey to Financial Independence. Continue reading “Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – January 2020”

Month 15 on the Journey to FIRE – December 2019

Well hello. I’m thinking going forward I should just call this the monthly FIRE report. Like, I feel like I’m talking about a toddler. A 15-month old toddler. Hmm. That’s a good analogy to where I’m at on this journey to FIRE. Just a toddler, bumbling around and hitting my head on things. On to the good stuff! Continue reading “Month 15 on the Journey to FIRE – December 2019”

One Year on the Journey to FIRE

Well, here we are. One year ago, I started lumbering towards the destination of Financial Independence Retire Early. I say lumbering, because it feels like my journey to FIRE is moving in slo-mo. Continue reading “One Year on the Journey to FIRE”

Is FIRE the right path for me?

Me Ranting for a bit. Sorry.

I mean, I know I want to get out of the daily grind sooner rather than later. So, the desire is there. But do I have the WILL to make it happen? What about accommodations I must make for my family? Do I just need to be more patient to allow myself the chance to amass wealth and save, save, save? Continue reading “Is FIRE the right path for me?”

Semi-Weekly FIRE Report – Mid July, 2019

Since I haven’t done a semi-weekly FIRE report since this one back in JUNE, I figured it’s about time to HOLD MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE and get back on the FIRE bandwagon.

One thing I like about doing the weekly reports (or semi-weekly, or occasional) is that it forces me to look back and really think about what I’ve been doing, if anything, to propel myself to FIRE. The fact is, I’ve been at this for almost 10 months, and that means I need to see progress. MORE of it. DEMAND MORE! Continue reading “Semi-Weekly FIRE Report – Mid July, 2019”

$500 Challenge – Progress Report 2

Hidey ho good blog readers!

Here’s hoping you’re having a fantastic summer (or winter, for those Southern Hemisphere types). I’m having a blast working my a$$ off at the actual day job! If you’ve not picked up on it yet, that’s sarcasm, I literally hate the daily grind, hence my main reason to shoot for FI. Continue reading “$500 Challenge – Progress Report 2”

Month 9 FIRE Report – June 2019

Welcome to the Month 9 FIRE Report!

G’day blog readers. 9 months. Takes that long to make a human. And apparently to make a slightly better financial outlook. Here’s the deets on Month 9 of attempting FIRE! Continue reading “Month 9 FIRE Report – June 2019”

An Exciting Day

As you may be aware if you have read some of my previous posts, my first big step towards FIRE is paying off debt. Well today, I paid off my $30,000 RRSP loan – 2 years early! If I had never found the FI movement back in October of 2018, I never would have bothered with trying to make extra payments. I would have just let the loan play out for 5 years, paying interest, and probably accumulating more debt. Continue reading “An Exciting Day”

Non-weekly Weekly report! Week of May 13 & 20, 2019

Welcome to the non-weekly weekly report. Ok, I realize I really need to come up with a better name. Perhaps I could hold a contest. If you can write a better name for my irregular reports in the comments, you win…uhh, an option for your name to be published as the winner in my next blog post! Yeah, that’s a stellar prize alright! Continue reading “Non-weekly Weekly report! Week of May 13 & 20, 2019”

Month 7 FIRE Report – April 2019

Well well, 7 months along. Welcome to the monthly report! Considering it takes most people YEARS to reach FIRE, I’m doing okay I guess. I realize that I need to set some serious FIRE goals to allow myself to better measure success. I’d appreciate knowing what kind of goals you set for yourself financially? I do have a goal to pay all debt except Mortgage by June of 2020 (Which I’m secretly planning to beat). However I’m toying with the idea of setting specific goals for monthly expenses, income increases, savings rate, etc. Continue reading “Month 7 FIRE Report – April 2019”

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