Supposed follow up Budget Meeting

So…Hubs and I were supposed to have a budget meeting last night to set up a brand new budget in (YNAB). Wellllll it didn’t happen. Mainly because Hubs has a man cold. Is that sexist? He’s a man, he has a cold. I feel “man cold” is a reasonable way to refer to it. If you make any other assumptions based on this term, it’s not my problem, right?

ANYWAY, I mentioned “budget meeting” while he was laying on the couch watching Youtube. I got the dirtiest of the dirty looks. And this is a man who is pretty good at not looking too annoyed. The thought of a budget meeting during man-cold season just pushed his facial muscles over the edge. They couldn’t maintain their usual composure.

Long story short, it didn’t happen. There are still 10 days left in my YNAB trial subscription. I want to make the most of it before taking the plunge. I’m going to try for Saturday night. That seems like a fun thing every couple should do on a Saturday night! Honestly babysitting is insanely expensive these days, so it behooves me to stay home anyway, for budgetary reasons.

In closing, I want to introduce you to a rather famous post in the FIRE world made by Mr. Money Mustache. It’s called “The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement“. It was recommended to me via the ChooseFI podcast (Thanks guys!) Anyway, if you are interested in becoming financially independent, and you haven’t read it, READ IT. NOW. You’re welcome.

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