New Year, New me? Not exactly.

In life, I haven’t had a large amount of staying power. Especially for long term efforts. It took me an extra year to get my Bachelor degree because I slacked off. I was a girl guide and went right to the end, but didn’t bother to get my final certificate/rope/badge thing. I have a habit of starting, but not finishing, various types of projects.

I’m a project manager, so it doesn’t really add up. I think the difference is that when someone is relying on me to finish the project, and I am exchanging my actions for money, there is a much higher level of accountability.

All this to say, I can’t let my FIRE efforts drop. I started this journey sometime in October of 2018. I’ve made some excellent changes to improve my financial situation. I have big goals and ideas for 2019. But for whatever reason my heart isn’t in it for the past few weeks. I think spending time with my family and friends has made me realize that people are what is important.

But, can’t I do both? Spend time with my people, do fun things that I want to do, and also focus my efforts to achieve FIRE? 2019 will be the first full year where I try to make this a reality for myself.

One thing I CAN do is revitalize this blog to keep myself accountable.

Happy New Year, and best of luck to all of you focusing your financial efforts!

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