Month 15 on the Journey to FIRE – December 2019

Well hello. I’m thinking going forward I should just call this the monthly FIRE report. Like, I feel like I’m talking about a toddler. A 15-month old toddler. Hmm. That’s a good analogy to where I’m at on this journey to FIRE. Just a toddler, bumbling around and hitting my head on things. On to the good stuff!

Month 15 Highlights

Saved: $450

Extra Income from Side Hustles: $146. Ebay Sales + user testing income.

Debt Repayment:  Mortgage Principal: $717.   LOC: $790



Category Dec-19 Relevant notes of notey-ness
Mortgage Principal, Interest, & Property Tax 1638
Bank Fees + Interest on LOC 21
Child Care 424
Parking 117
Auto Insurance 93
Internet 12 My bill didn’t get paid intentionally this month. “Insert Big Internet Company name here”‘s fault.
Electricity 256 Next month I get a credit. Heat pumps paying off a wee bit. HURRAY!
Life Insurance 156
Netflix 13
Mobile Phones 18
Groceries, Toiletries, Household supplies 1135 Considering it was Christmas, the season of excess, I am not surprised.
Fuel 294
Medical, Eye care, Prescriptions,Vitamins 30
Home Improvement, Services, Supplies, Maintenance 45
Health & Fitness, Sports 14
Gifts & Holiday Expenses 814 Went way over budget on gifts. Happens yearly. NOT NEXT YEAR dag nammit!
Charitable Donations 28
Clothing 22
Annual Memberships & Subscriptions 113 YNAB!
UNKNOWN EXPENSE 309 Hubs’ fault. We’re trying harder this year.
Allowance – Hubs 164
Allowance – T 200
Dining Out – Family 275
Entertainment – Family 60
Lotto Tickets 12
Alcohol 41
Business Transactions 2

I am extremely pleased with this expense report considering it’s the spendy-ist time of year for us. One thing that helped? Really well behaved old cars. We needed zero repairs or maintenance this month! But just wait for January, where that lull of garage visits turns into a giant tsunami. Trying not to cross the line of buying a new vehicle UNTIL I have saved up enough cash.

Well that’s it for this monthly FIRE report!

As always I appreciate your constructive feedback. 🙂

2 Replies to “Month 15 on the Journey to FIRE – December 2019”

  1. Love the real numbers. We used to do allowances too. Eventually when we paid off our mortgage I couldn’t convince hubby to keep them. Funny thing is the habits have already been developed. Even if we don’t have allowances anymore we are still not spending like crazy. Weird how things work out sometimes.

    1. That’s excellent, Maria! I cannot wait to have a paid-off mortgage, although we aren’t putting extra payments on it right now (something to consider?) Anyway, it’s great that your habits have already been built – I’m unsure if that would work right now for us, but perhaps in the future it will. I look forward to getting us to that place.

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