Month 14 on the Journey to FIRE – November 2019

Well hello there. Posts are getting scarce. Is one post a month enough to bring the boys to the yard? Unlikely. I’ll need to work on that. Let’s get right to business, shall we?

 Month 14 Highlights

Saved: $485 (This will slowly climb as I pay off our final $1500 in debt over the next month).

Extra Income from Side Hustles: $220. Facebook Sales + user testing income.

Debt Repayment:  Mortgage Principal: $572.   LOC: $1500



Category Nov Relevant Notes of Noteyness
Mortgage Principal, Interest, Property Tax 1310
Interest & Banking Fees 25
Child Care 344
Parking 115
Auto Insurance 92
Electric 256
Home Phone, ISP and 2 Mobile Phones 366 For some reason, my mobile provider charges me twice in a month, then nothing the next on occasion. I also switched to Public Mobile to save $$. Next month should be less. Hurray!
Life Insurance 156
Netflix 14
Water & Sewer 0
Home Insurance (pre-paid until June 2020) 0
Groceries, Toiletries, Household Supplies 1098 Grrrr.
Fuel 331
Auto Repair, Maintenance, Renewals, License 401 So we bought winter tires on Kijiji for our 2006 C-RV. However the rims did not fit, so we had to buy new ones. Bonus – we sold the rims to make some $ back! Also in here is a new wiper arm and blade.
Medical, Eyecare, Prescriptions,Vitamins 150
Vacations 0
Dental 0
School Supplies 34 School Photos!
Home Improvement, Services, Supplies, Maintenance 321 This year we took time to have both our wood stove and our propane fireplace inspected and cleaned by professionals.
Education 0
Health & Fitness, Sports 74 Hockey gear for the kiddo that wasn’t included in the program.
Haircuts 58 Getting to be less now that I’m not colouring my hair. 🙂
Gifts & Holiday Expenses 480 Our anniversary dinner, and Christmas gifts.
Clothing 112 More spontaneous clothing purchases not on budget :/
Charitable Donations 153 We participated in a few fundraisers this month.
Annual Memberships & Subscriptions 90 So. We did the week trial of Disney +. I thought it was “ok”. Hubs and M thought it was REALLY AWESOME! I was overruled. That said, we’ve been watching it quite often, so there’s that. We’ll see how the year goes. Not a very FI thing to do, I realize. But here we are. I have spoken.
Heat (Wood & Propane) 0
Furniture & Decor 0
UNKNOWN EXPENSE 129 Less than last month, but still annoying.
Allowance M 11
Allowance Hubs 338
Allowance T 162
Dining Out – Family 172 Higher than necessary!
Entertainment – Family 0
Lotto Tickets 14
Alcohol 38 I’ve decided that alcohol sold in the grocery store is no longer a good thing.
Total Expenses 6844

Well, that’s it for now. Not a bad month in terms of expenses, but always room for improvement (I’m supposed to be tackling the grocery/toiletry/household supply budget but I’m doing a terrible job). I don’t expect December to be great, however I hope to take some time during the holidays to set us up for success in January. Stay tuned for that.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. I know it’s a pretty small cost, but hey, power of incremental change right! Have you looked to see if there are any no-fee bank accounts that would work for the family? That small cost is $4100 in 10 years as MMM would say.

    1. MM! So nice to hear from you! You’re absolutely right. I’ve been paying CIBC $10.50 a month for FAR TOO LONG. I have a checking account with Tangerine, but I’m just taking WAY TOO LONG to transfer everything over. I really need to kick myself in the pants over this. I think I only have about 7 forms left to fill out to switch all of my automatic debits…I will try to get it done over the Christmas break!

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