Month 13 of the Journey to FIRE – October 2019

So I’ve been trying to decide next steps for this blog. Does it still make sense to have a monthly report? What is the benefit of this? I guess it gives me a good picture of how the month went at a more macro level, which I would definitely not take the time to analyze otherwise.

Half of me wants to just keep going as I have been for the past year. The other half wants to scrap the whole blog, and maybe start a new one that’s more generic and less specific to my situation. Like, a helpful place for newbs who want to improve their financial situation. I then must ask myself, how much time am I willing to contribute to make it worth your/their/my while? Any suggestions you have are appreciated. In the meantime…

Stats for Month 13

Saved: $457 (This will slowly climb as I pay off our final $2500 in debt over the next couple of months).

Extra Income from Side Hustles: $171. Facebook sales + income.

Debt Repayment:  Mortgage Principal: $1072.   LOC: $1400


Category OCTOBER Relevant Notes of Noteyness
Mortgage Principal, Interest, Property Tax, Insurance 1810
Interest & Banking Fees 26 It’s going down! Soon to be zero, I hope.
Child Care 344
Parking 115
Auto Insurance 92
Electric 256
Home Phone, ISP and 2 Mobile Phones 199 Got a credit this month from cutting the cable. WOOT!
Life Insurance 156
Netflix 14
Water & Sewer 236
Home Insurance (pre-paid until June 2020) 0
Groceries, Toiletries, Household Supplies 833 One of the best months we’ve ever had! Need to have more months like this 🙂
Fuel 244
Auto Repair, Maintenance, Renewals, License 28 A cheap car month. The same will not be said for November.
Medical, Eyecare, Prescriptions,Vitamins 295 A few extra expenses not covered by Medicare this month.
Vacations 933 Hubs took a trip this month. Fully funded!
Dental 0
School Supplies 0
Home Imprvmnt, Services, Supplies, Maint 117 Snowblower repairs, New Toaster
Education 2
Health & Fitness, Sports 0
Haircuts 0
Car Seat 0
Gifts & Holiday Expenses 295 M’s Birthday present + party, Halloween candy, Xmas gifts.
Clothing 176 Everyone needed something this month. Includes random cool shirt that Hubs bought me <3
Charitable Donations 84
Annual Memberships & Subscriptions 0
Heat (Wood & Propane) 0
Furniture & Decor 0
Allowance M 0
Allowance Hubs 276
Allowance T 228 Savin’ it for my RRSP I will open with Questrade. I’m still calling it an expense until it’s transferred 🙂
Dining Out – Family 110
Entertainment – Family 0
Lotto Tickets 13 Hubs is in a lotto pool. He likes it.  So far, we’ve won $0. It’s been several years…
Alcohol 0
Total Expenses 7017 Not quite at our 6k goal, but we’re shooting for an average.

Concluding Thoughts

Not a terrible month, considering the vacation was in there! Despite my lack of efforts to revamp our shopping habits in regards to groceries, household, and toiletries, we still came in really low compared to previous months. I look forward to working on that more for the month of November. Another monthly report due fairly soon.

That’s it for now, I hope to be providing you with more reading soon. HAPPY WEEKEND!

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