Life and Times of Trying to FI/RE

Hiiiiiiiiii. I’ve been a bit unfocused as of late. Weekly reports no longer deserve to be called “Weekly”. Efforts to reduce expenses have come to a virtual stand-still. Efforts to increase income have been non-existent. I did get a 1% raise in April. I think that worked out to about $6 per pay! Or something equally silly sounding. And I didn’t even do anything extraordinary to get it. Handed to me on a silver platter.


Part of the reason for my unfocused situation – I’m on my way home from a stellar vacation to our nation’s capital, Ottawa, Ontario. So lovely! One brilliant thing about this trip is I had the cash saved IN ADVANCE of our departure. This really wasn’t a thing in the past. Historically it was more like, “Hey! Let’s go to xyz expensive place in February because Canada is cold and depressing at that particular time!” Then, we would pay off the line of credit sometime over the next year. So that’s a big win. I mostly need to thank YNAB , but I also thank myself for choosing to stick with it. Thanks, me.

That said, I can’t always let life events take precedence over FIRE efforts! I must get back on the bandwagon of getting myself to a place of financial freedom, even with my rather large travel budget. Which may or may not seem large to you? We need to have fun on the journey or else we might be tempted to give up and just spend it all and more (I’m talking to you, Hubs).

I’m really here to tell you, dear reader, that I WILL do better. That is my promise to you. And me.

Month 8 FIRE report coming to a blog near you soon! With tables, as requested. Great suggestion. Byeeeee!

4 Replies to “Life and Times of Trying to FI/RE”

    1. Thanks Chrissy. Hopefully I can set up my FIRE goals soon and actually start setting some milestones. The fact that I’ve been at it for 8 months is a good sign I suppose 🙂

  1. Thanks for being open about your plateau. It’s good to know that others experience this as well. Hopefully it’s like weight loss and after the plateau will come a big progression! Way to go on saving for the vacation!

    1. Thanks TV. I hope my FIRE efforts go better than my weight loss efforts. HAHA! I actually find this way more fun than that…so that’s something 🙂

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