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Here are some personal finance resources that I’ve found helpful in my journey to FIRE. Enjoy!

Products & Services

You Need a Budget – YNAB has helped me get my spending under control. It paid for itself 2 times over in the first month, and several times over in the first year! There is a free 34 day trial. Click on this link if you want to sign up to get 1 additional month free (if you subscribe for a year). I’m still using YNAB as of today.

Public Mobile (Canada) – I’ve saved a ton of $ switching to Public Mobile. If you decide to sign up, use my referral code NR2OR4 to get a $10 credit. This is inputted once you have your SIM card and have created your account with Public Mobile.

Ebates/Rakuten Canada – Make cash back shopping at your favorite stores! Use my referral link by clicking here.

Bluehost – Bluehost was my old blog hosting service. They are an excellent service for for beginner blogs! Click on my affiliate link to get a discount on your blog or website hosting! I do earn a commission for everyone who signs up through this link.

Tangerine Bank – I use Tangerine for fee-free banking in Canada. In addition to being fee-free, they offer free e-money transfers, and you can use any Scotiabank ATM for other banking stuff. If you would like to try them, use my Orange Key when you sign up: 17154732S1. When you open an account and make an initial deposit of $100, you will get $25-$50 deposited for using the Orange Key. HURRAY!

Favorite Personal Finance Websites & Podcasts

Eat Sleep Breathe FI – Chrissy has built an amazing blog with great articles documenting how to reach Financial Independence. Her site has some of the best resources for achieving FI, especially her free “FI School“! She is out of BC, Canada, but has plenty of American and global friendly content also.

FI Garage – Great Canadian podcast with great beer. And, a great blog to boot!

Explore FI Canada – A Canadian FI podcast chronicling FI experiences across the country. The first episode stars yours truly. And maybe a later one too. The podcast has ended for now (as of 2022), but the back episodes are worth a listen. Check it out!

Explore FI Canada logo with maple leaf

Afford Anything – Paula Pant’s podcast is a great resource for anyone following the path to FI/RE, or if you just want to get better at personal finance. Paula built her own real estate empire but also has many other amazing talents which she shares on the show (and great interviews to boot).

ChooseFI – This American-based podcast is fantastic for generating ideas on how to save and make money to accelerate your Financial Independence journey.

Mr Money Mustache – One of my FI/RE heroes, originally from Canada. He now lives in Colorado. Achieved Financial Independence at a young age. Inspired millions. Hardcore and awesome site! Great if you need a kick in the financial pants.

Canadian Dream: Free at 45 – MMM himself dubbed him the “Canadian” MMM. Tim Stobbs proves FI can be done in Canada, even before the age of 45. He beat his goal by retiring in his 30s! Learn all about how he got there, and what he’s doing now that he is financially independent.

Making Sense of Cents – Michelle is my American hero. She achieved FI at a young age by blogging, writing courses, travelling, and teaching others about money. Such an amazing story and a great blog!

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