Fire Activities – Week of Jan 28, 2019

As discussed in last week’s report, I’m posting weekly FIRE activities, no matter how unimpressive, to keep myself accountable. It’s KIND of working. I really need to step up my game and make these activities a priority. On to the excitement!

Silver pen on daytimer

Over the past week, I did the following activities to move me closer to FIRE:

  • Called my TV/Internet provider and lowered my bill by almost $70 a month. So easy, and I should have called months ago. HURRAY! I feel like this should count as 2 things, since my list is pretty lean this week.
  • Said no to a social engagement to save money
  • Requested a meeting with my financial adviser to figure out how to lower my fees and improve returns
  • Borrowed a copy of “The Millionaire Next Door” and started reading it
  • Ordered a copy of “Your Money or your Life” from the library. To be picked up this week!
  • Signed up for local FI/RE Mastermind meeting. Should be interesting…

New category: Things I said I would do, but didn’t, so now I have to do them this week!

  • Call bank again to talk to human. Permanently increase automated payment by $400 per month

Additional goals for this week include:

  • As part of the Afford Anything “One Tweak a Week” challenge, I need to sell one item. This shouldn’t be too difficult if I just put my mind to it. We did a ton of de-cluttering last month as part of the “de-clutter like a mother” challenge, so I have at least a couple of boxes of stuff that needs to go!
  • Put some time into getting my new side hustle off the ground. To be announced sometime in the future, when and IF it is successful!! 😀
  • Post January expense and FIRE report, target areas for improvement
  • Actually have meeting with Financial Adviser
  • Pick up “Your Money or Your Life” from the library.
  • Attend local FI/RE mastermind meeting

Please leave a comment to let me know what you did to get to better your financial situation over the past week, or what you are planning for this week. Have a great FIRE-Y week, everyone!


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