Fire activities – Week of Jan 21 2019


I thought it would help me with accountability if I posted weekly Fire activities. Here’s the details for last week! It will be a short post, but I’m going to try to do SOMETHING every week, so this is a great way to motivate myself (even something small that I do Sunday night at 11pm because I know I need to blog about it!)

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Over the past week, I did the following activities to move me closer to FIRE:

  • Posted my “DEBT FREE” printable on the fridge to motivate me and Hubs
  • Put an extra debt payment of $400 on my loan, which involved actually calling the bank and talking to a human. Surprisingly difficult.
  • Checked my credit report as part of the “One Tweak a Week” challenge
  • Sold something on Facebook for $15
  • Became a affiliate, and added links to my blog for those of you who want to try Bluehost as your blog site provider
  • Put $135 into the emergency fund
  • Made cheapo apple cinnamon oats in my instant pot, which were so delicious. They reheated well with a bit of milk or water added. I posted the recipe with review here!

I think that’s it for last week. Keep making small steps in the right direction, we can do this!

For further motivation, here are this week’s goals:

  • Sell 1 more thing
  • Call bank again to talk to human. Permanently increase automated payment by $400 per month
  • Spend NO MORE MONEY on groceries. Even though we’ve spent $777 on groceries in January, it’s the best month we’ve had since we started tracking our spending in YNAB. Hurray! (We used to spend over $1000 per month)

Please leave a comment to let me know what you did to get to better your financial situation over the past week, or what you are planning for this week. Have a great FIRE-Y week, everyone!


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2 Replies to “Fire activities – Week of Jan 21 2019”

    1. Thank you! People are doing amazing things to cut their grocery budget. I do find things to be more expensive in our area, however there is still plenty of room for improvement.

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