Financial Independence – late September activities

Lately I’ve been purposfully tracking things I’m doing to save and earn more money to contribute to my goal of financial independence. This helps keep me accountable and focused on my goal to become financially independent no later than age 55! In case you are new to my blog, I got onto the concept of becoming financially independent late in life – post-age 40. If you would like to know more about my story, start here.

Here’s what I have done in the past couple of weeks:

  1. Booked a Fiverr Gig! If you read this post, you know I put a gig up on Fiverr to offer up my services. My first gig is to help users set up their budgets in YNAB ( Well, someone actually wanted my services and signed up! How exciting. Anyway, the first session with my new client went well. I am providing users with 2 live sessions to give time for them to complete their homework assignments and formulate any questions. My second session is in a couple of weeks. Hurray!
  2. Sold 2 items on Facebook Marketplace. This is one of my favorite side-hustley activities because it not only makes a little extra cash to contribute to my financial independence journey, but also declutters my home which I am currently obsessed with. To read more about my decluttering efforts, visit this post about the 365 declutter challenge.
  3. I cannot think of a third.


Well, I guess my list is done for this month. Haha! Every week can’t be mind blowing, i suppose. And I’m ok with that! The goal here is to keep it top-o-mind. I am slightly succeeding. Thanks for stopping by!


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