Exciting News for T!

Hello blog readers. I have some exciting news. Recently I was given the opportunity to be interviewed on a brand new podcast called Explore FI Canada!

Explore FI Canada logo with maple leaf
Explore FI Canada Podcast

The podcast was developed by a trio of wonderful individuals:

To support this new and exciting initiative, please download and listen to the podcast on your preferred device, and give it a stellar rating!

I’m very excited to listen to future episodes. For now, you can hear an introductory episode with the ExploreFICanada hosts, and an interview episode with yours truly.

Thank you for your support!



9 Replies to “Exciting News for T!”

  1. Totally just found you because of the podcast… love it! We are in NB too and just starting out on our journey. Thanks for being a ‘local’ inspiration.

    1. Hi Heather!! Thank you for dropping by. I look forward to hearing more about your journey! Please join our ChooseFI New Brunswick Facebook group if you are on Facebook!!

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