Cheapo Recipe of the Week review – Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

When I read various blogs/articles/rando Facebook comments on how to save money on your food budget, the same money saving tip just keeps rearing it’s oaty head – oatmeal.

As a kid I could never bring myself to ear a hot, and also mushy and weirdly textured cereal in the morning, when I’m already nauseous from being up before 10am. As an adult, I’ve worked hard to get past these early objections and focus on getting oatmeal into my diet. It’s a convenient and filling food that is also nutritious!

This became a bigger issue when I gave birth to a child and was uhhh…a bit short on people-milk to feed said child. After doing some research it turns out the one food suspected to help breast milk production is…oatmeal. I decided to double down on my efforts and start eating it on the regular. Slowly but surely I was able to tolerate it (with many additives to get past the bland oaty-ness). I discovered it’s really good with banana, peanut butter, AND chocolate chips.

Anyway after several oaty breakfasts I’ve come to love the stuff, which is great for my food budget. Over the past week I made apple cinnamon oatmeal in the instant pot and had it every day for breakfast! It reheats well and if you use cheaper apples it’s really inexpensive. See my posts here and here for other cheap recipe reviews!

Here is a link to the recipe by “The Typical Mom” at Justine also has a recipe for pumpkin oatmeal on this page, which I will try soon! My only complaint about the recipe is that my oats stuck to the bottom of the IP (which she says can be an issue), so next time I’ll cook them using the “pot in pot” method to avoid the burn-on.

Oats in a bowl with blueberries on top
Yum yum oats!

Tips on Reheating

This recipe is easily re-heatable in the microwave. I zapped it for about a minute, added a bit of water or almond/cow milk, and gave it a good mix. Then another minute in the microwave. Presto! Warm, delicious, carby oats. Enjoy!




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