Challenge $1000 2020 – Make an extra $1000! DAY 1

As you may recall, today is the start of “Challenge $1000 2020 (TM)“, where I challenge myself to make an extra $1000 in 6 months to bump up the savings rate for the year. 

I’ve already done a few small things in late February that will hopefully bring in some early March revenue. Hurray! As I mentioned in the initial Challenge 1000 post, my biggest quick hits are:

    1. Selling stuff I already have (while also de-cluttering which makes me feel quite good), and
    2. User Testing.

I’ve tried to ramp up both of these initiatives in the latter part of February to have some spillover into March; so far it’s going well. I even inspired Hubs – he is selling some unused items and purchasing a few things locally to sell on eBay. Can I count his profits in my $1000? I’m thinking not, but we’ll see about that. I feel like this would never happen if I wasn’t doing the challenge myself!

I haven’t touched any activities around the drop shipping biz that my bro and I are working on. I really need to take some time to focus on that. Maybe over the next week I can carve out a few hours.

Finding time to work on the challenge, along with a few other challenges I am in, along with working full time, along with parenting, along with maintaining relationships, along with vacation planning, along with being healthy, seems a bit tricky. That said it’s definitely reducing my non-productive time (read: TV, video games, falling into the internet “infinity pools”), so that is a good thing.

It does slide in nicely to my 90 day home organization challenge on the SPAR! app. As I sort through our belongings, I find things that could be sold, gifted or donated. Glad I signed up for that.

Are you trying to make an extra $1000 this year? Or perhaps a different amount? How about several $1000s? What are you hustling? Tell me all about it in the comments!





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