Weekly FIRE Report – March 18th, 2019

Well, I’ve been a terrible blogger over the past couple of weeks. Other than the Weekly Report, this blog is a barren wasteland. I’m really trying to get a course done for my PMP certification renewal (Project Management Professional) before it expires in April. It’s not good to let it lapse, so all efforts are focused on that! Also, trying to keep up with my healthy habits means spending more time meal planning and prepping, which *hopefully* has the side effect of saving money. Continue reading “Weekly FIRE Report – March 18th, 2019”

Weekly FIRE Report – March 11th, 2019

Welcome to my Weekly FIRE report!

Thankfully, it’s much better than last week. I had a bit of a mojo bump from finishing my taxes. HURRAY! Turned out to be easier than expected. Plus I had fewer “social commitments” so I was able to get more done in my free hours of the week. Hopefully next week will be even better. Continue reading “Weekly FIRE Report – March 11th, 2019”

Weekly FIRE Report – March 4th, 2019

Guys. This has been the WORST WEEK ever in my FIRE journey. Like, nothing really bad happened, except that I didn’t do much AT ALL in terms of getting myself along the FIRE path. Ugh. Continue reading “Weekly FIRE Report – March 4th, 2019”

Weekly FIRE Report – February 25, 2019

Welcome to the end of another month. AND, another Weekly Report. Hurrah! Winter is going on FOREVER here in Canada. Worst one in a long time. It started early and appears to be ending late. Spring is *apparently* in 16 days. Whatever, calendar. Continue reading “Weekly FIRE Report – February 25, 2019”

Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 11 AND Feb 18!

Ok ok, I’m only 4 weeks in and I’ve already skipped a week since I started doing the WEEKLY FIRE REPORT. That said, last week WAS a whirlwind of activity! Continue reading “Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 11 AND Feb 18!”

Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 4, 2019

Welcome to the T on FIRE weekly FIRE report!

Silver pen on daytimer
The traditional weekly report image.

Sadly, our local FI/RE mastermind meeting was postponed. I’ll be sure to post an update once a new date is determined. On to this week’s activities. Continue reading “Weekly FIRE Report – Feb 4, 2019”

Month 4 of FIRE – Status Report

Since I didn’t post a for December (not a great month, financially-speaking), I’m getting back on the bandwagon of monthly recaps in my efforts to achieve FIRE! Here are the stats for January 2019 FIRE – Month 4. Eventually I want to get to a point where I can accurately predict when I can be FI. That said, until I get expenses completely under control, Hubs on board, and a clear, shared direction for the future, I don’t feel comfortable saying I can be FI in X number of years. That will be a goal for end of 2019. Continue reading “Month 4 of FIRE – Status Report”

Fire activities – Week of Jan 21 2019


I thought it would help me with accountability if I posted weekly Fire activities. Here’s the details for last week! It will be a short post, but I’m going to try to do SOMETHING every week, so this is a great way to motivate myself (even something small that I do Sunday night at 11pm because I know I need to blog about it!) Continue reading “Fire activities – Week of Jan 21 2019”

Week 3 of achieving FIRE – The Side Hustle(s)

As discussed in my first post, there are 2 ways to achieve FIRE – one is save, save, save your money! The other is make, make, make more money! And then, invest the difference. My first few posts have focused only on saving money since I’ve become totally addicted to my new budgeting tool, YNAB. If you don’t know what YNAB is, FEAR NOT. Just read my post about it here. Today, I’d like to talk about my starting point on getting going with a side hustle.

A bit more on saving for FIRE…

Continue reading “Week 3 of achieving FIRE – The Side Hustle(s)”

Week 1 of FIRE – Focus on Expenses

The Road to Financial Independence – Week 1

This week, my efforts are focused on getting a handle on our expenses. Simply identifying them and following a budget to try to reduce discretionary spending. I felt like this was a priority to achieve FIRE.

My friend recently introduced me to a tool she was using called YNAB – WORST name ever, but it stands for “You Need A Budget”. Which we do. HA! Anyway, I decided to sign up for a trial account at YNAB.com. So far, I’ve been using YNAB religiously for 2+ weeks, and it’s going very well. I feel I have much better awareness of where our money is going (and where it’s being wasted on lower priority things).

Side note: if online subscriptions aren’t really your thing, and you’d rather do your budget “old school” on paper or in a spreadsheet, you can still learn and follow YNAB principles by reading the book “You Need a Budget“, written by the creator Jesse Mecham.

A few lessons learned so far… Continue reading “Week 1 of FIRE – Focus on Expenses”

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