How my attempt to Reduce Waste is Saving me Money

For the last several years, I’ve been attempting to reduce amount of waste we send to the local landfill. This started long before I decided I wanted to accelerate my path to financial freedom. Really it was borne out of a deep love of nature and our earth. What small things can I do to improve our collective situation? Continue reading “How my attempt to Reduce Waste is Saving me Money”

Heat Pumps – were they worth it?

In October 2018, we installed 2 heat pumps. Coincidentally, this coincides with my first month on the journey to FIRE.

In some ways it was not a FIRE-y thing to do – spend thousands of dollars we didn’t have. In other ways, it could be considered FIRE-y if the ROI is good enough to justify the purchase. Today, I’d like to dive into some numbers to determine our estimated ROI and if it was all worth it. Continue reading “Heat Pumps – were they worth it?”

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