2021 Spending – Less than previous years, at least?

So just for kicks, I went back to compare spending year over year from 2019 (I have solid data as far back as that date). If you have read my blog, you know that I have been pretty good at posting annual spending reports, namely this one from 2019 and this one from 2020. Continue reading “2021 Spending – Less than previous years, at least?”

How my attempt to Reduce Waste is Saving me Money

For the last several years, I’ve been attempting to reduce amount of waste we send to the local landfill. This started long before I decided I wanted to accelerate my path to financial freedom. Really it was borne out of a deep love of nature and our earth. What small things can I do to improve our collective situation? Continue reading “How my attempt to Reduce Waste is Saving me Money”

Month 13 of the Journey to FIRE – October 2019

So I’ve been trying to decide next steps for this blog. Does it still make sense to have a monthly report? What is the benefit of this? I guess it gives me a good picture of how the month went at a more macro level, which I would definitely not take the time to analyze otherwise. Continue reading “Month 13 of the Journey to FIRE – October 2019”

Heat Pumps – were they worth it?

In October 2018, we installed 2 heat pumps. Coincidentally, this coincides with my first month on the journey to FIRE.

In some ways it was not a FIRE-y thing to do – spend thousands of dollars we didn’t have. In other ways, it could be considered FIRE-y if the ROI is good enough to justify the purchase. Today, I’d like to dive into some numbers to determine our estimated ROI and if it was all worth it. Continue reading “Heat Pumps – were they worth it?”

Months 10 & 11 FIRE Report – July and August 2019

11 months? REALLY? Wowza. In many ways I feel I’ve not done enough. In other ways I feel I’ve done so much more than I would have without a significant change in my mindset 11 months ago. I don’t know which one outweighs the other. Perhaps that isn’t important at all. However, I am definitely going to reflect on this as the first year of attempting FI/RE comes to a close. Welcome to the monthly FIRE report. Continue reading “Months 10 & 11 FIRE Report – July and August 2019”

Month 7 FIRE Report – April 2019

Well well, 7 months along. Welcome to the monthly report! Considering it takes most people YEARS to reach FIRE, I’m doing okay I guess. I realize that I need to set some serious FIRE goals to allow myself to better measure success. I’d appreciate knowing what kind of goals you set for yourself financially? I do have a goal to pay all debt except Mortgage by June of 2020 (Which I’m secretly planning to beat). However I’m toying with the idea of setting specific goals for monthly expenses, income increases, savings rate, etc. Continue reading “Month 7 FIRE Report – April 2019”

Month 5 FIRE Report – February 2019

Welcome to the February Monthly FIRE Report! Yes, I realize it’s almost April. Yes, I realize I’ve been slacking on my FIRE efforts. YES I AM GOING TO DO BETTER! Yes, I will stop starting sentences with the word “yes”. Continue reading “Month 5 FIRE Report – February 2019”

When your priorities don’t align

Today I had a long conversation with Hubs. He wants to increase our allowances for a hobby he enjoys. It requires us to find $186 a month to increase both of our allowances by $93. Continue reading “When your priorities don’t align”

Month 4 of FIRE – Status Report

Since I didn’t post a for December (not a great month, financially-speaking), I’m getting back on the bandwagon of monthly recaps in my efforts to achieve FIRE! Here are the stats for January 2019 FIRE – Month 4. Eventually I want to get to a point where I can accurately predict when I can be FI. That said, until I get expenses completely under control, Hubs on board, and a clear, shared direction for the future, I don’t feel comfortable saying I can be FI in X number of years. That will be a goal for end of 2019. Continue reading “Month 4 of FIRE – Status Report”

2019 – The Year of Confusion

So far this month, I’ve done some seemingly productive things, however I’m feeling REALLY disorganized and confused about priorities! In my drive to become a perfect individual, I signed up for the following challenges in December: Continue reading “2019 – The Year of Confusion”

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