Time for another “No Internet” challenge?

For those of you that have been reading my blog for a long time, you know that I once did a “no internet” challenge back around month 6 of trying to achieve Financial Independence / FIRE. For those of you who are newbs, welcome, and thank you for coming!

Back when I did the challenge in 2019, I wrote this post about it before I started, this one during (yes, blogging was an exception to my no internet rule), and this one after to reflect on the experience.

Well…I’m thinking of doing it AGAIN!

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A New Challenge: Declutter My Entire Life

If you have read any of my past blog posts, you will know that I like to join or make up challenges in an attempt to trick my brain into doing stuff. It is sometimes successful and sometimes not. So, I just keep at it and try to make progress. Remember the time when I challenged myself to make an extra $1000, or when I quit internet for a whole month? Those were the days. Continue reading “A New Challenge: Declutter My Entire Life”

January Challenges

Par usual in January, I’ve signed up for some challenges…I said I was NOT GOING TO OVERDO IT as I have in previous years, and I think I’m kinda following my own advice? Continue reading “January Challenges”

Challenge $1000 2020 – Final Update

a banner for the $1000 challenge

G’day folks!

As you may recall back in February B.C. (Before Covid), I challenged myself to make an extra 1k over and above my usual income from my day job. Continue reading “Challenge $1000 2020 – Final Update”

New Challenge – “Saving September”!

After re-reading a really old Mr. Money Mustache article about his “Save $100 this week” challenge, and after recognizing my summer spending has gotten a bit out of control, I decided to start a new challenge – the “Saving September” challenge! Continue reading “New Challenge – “Saving September”!”

Update on Challenge $1000 2020!

Remember back in February when I challenged myself to make $1000 extra in 6 months? Well today, I thought I had better provide an update on that challenge, since you probably think I’ve totally forgotten about it.a banner for the $1000 challenge Continue reading “Update on Challenge $1000 2020!”

Challenge $1000 2020 – Make an extra $1000! DAY 1

a banner for the $1000 challenge

As you may recall, today is the start of “Challenge $1000 2020 (TM)“, where I challenge myself to make an extra $1000 in 6 months to bump up the savings rate for the year.  Continue reading “Challenge $1000 2020 – Make an extra $1000! DAY 1”

CHALLENGE $1000 2020 – Make $1000 extra in 2020!

a banner for the $1000 challenge

As you may recall, I did the “make $500 challenge” back in the summer of 2019. The purpose of the challenge was to make enough extra money to fund my new Questrade TFSA. Now that that’s done, I’m challenging myself to make $1000 extra in 2020 over and above what I accounted for in my annual income forecast in order to bump up my savings rate for the year. Hurray! Continue reading “CHALLENGE $1000 2020 – Make $1000 extra in 2020!”

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