Are pets “worth it”, financially speaking or otherwise?

I fully admit this is probably a silly question to anyone who has had or does have pets. I’d say most who have experienced it will argue our lives away that the joy of owning a pet far outweighs the financial burden. Continue reading “Are pets “worth it”, financially speaking or otherwise?”

Month 6 FIRE Report – Delayed, but not Forgotten

It’s been 6 months of attempting to achieve FIRE as of March 2019. I’d like to say I’ve saved thousands of dollars, and made thousands more than pre-FIRE times. But I’m not there yet. Continue reading “Month 6 FIRE Report – Delayed, but not Forgotten”

“Weekly” FIRE Report – April 1st 2019

G’day! Well, my month of no internet which I talked about in the last monthly report has really reduced the amount of time I’m spending (or wanting to spend) online. Even though blogging is on my list of exceptions of things-I-can-do-on-the-internet-during-no-internet-month, I’ve just not been as inclined to get on here. That said, it’s been two weeks since my last weekly report, and I owe it to you, dear reader, and myself. On with the FIRE efforts! Continue reading ““Weekly” FIRE Report – April 1st 2019″

When your priorities don’t align

Today I had a long conversation with Hubs. He wants to increase our allowances for a hobby he enjoys. It requires us to find $186 a month to increase both of our allowances by $93. Continue reading “When your priorities don’t align”

Month 4 of FIRE – Status Report

Since I didn’t post a for December (not a great month, financially-speaking), I’m getting back on the bandwagon of monthly recaps in my efforts to achieve FIRE! Here are the stats for January 2019 FIRE – Month 4. Eventually I want to get to a point where I can accurately predict when I can be FI. That said, until I get expenses completely under control, Hubs on board, and a clear, shared direction for the future, I don’t feel comfortable saying I can be FI in X number of years. That will be a goal for end of 2019. Continue reading “Month 4 of FIRE – Status Report”

How to get out of debt as fast as possible in 5 not-super-easy steps – with free printable!

I’ve been doing a fair amount of research on how to get out of debt as fast as possible since I realize this is an important step in getting to FIRE. Debt payments are currently eating up a significant amount of our budget, and I really want that money to be going into savings and investments! Continue reading “How to get out of debt as fast as possible in 5 not-super-easy steps – with free printable!”

Writer’s block, and budget recipe of the week

Well friends, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m having writer’s block since the holidays. Was it the departure from the routine of regular blogging? Was it the booze that fried my remaining brain cells? Who knows. I just know that I have it now and it’s preventing me from writing anything riveting/purposeful/helpful/productive. To avoid slacking on my delivery of blog posts, here is my budget recipe for the week!  Continue reading “Writer’s block, and budget recipe of the week”

2019 – The Year of Confusion

So far this month, I’ve done some seemingly productive things, however I’m feeling REALLY disorganized and confused about priorities! In my drive to become a perfect individual, I signed up for the following challenges in December: Continue reading “2019 – The Year of Confusion”

Challenge Your Expenses!

I was listening to an old episode of the Afford Anything podcast, and one of the FI strategies discussed by J Money (blogger of fame) was CHALLENGE ALL THE EXPENSES! Continue reading “Challenge Your Expenses!”

Update on the last Post – Family Budget Meeting

So the plan from my last post was to review the family budget – especially the Christmas budget – with Hubs.

I bought these adorable desserts. Small, relatively diet-friendly if you only eat one. Lemme just say, this one was MARVELOUS! Continue reading “Update on the last Post – Family Budget Meeting”

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