T’s Blog / Life Update – Fall 2020

Well here we are, it’s late October 2020. The year of “WTF IS HAPPENING HERE, and HOW IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY”. Continue reading “T’s Blog / Life Update – Fall 2020”

When it Rains…

So pretty much immediately after publishing the article “Saving September” which detailed my challenge to spend only a very specific, planned amount of money for the month, it rained. Continue reading “When it Rains…”

Time Travel

What if you could go back in time and hang out with your younger self?  I listened to myself on the ExploreFI Canada podcast this week which was a bizarro, surreal time travel to 1 year ago. At that time, I was 8 months into my FI journey. Continue reading “Time Travel”

A New Age of Weridness

So, uh, things have gotten a *bit* weird. Is it just me? I didn’t think so. Anyway, I’m totally thrown off my blogging game. It’s clear that in times of crisis, all my planned good habits and routines go out the window.

Life 3 weeks ago: working, kid going to school, husband working, doing all the things.

Life now: Laid off work, husband working (thank GOSH), HOME SCHOOLING? DOING NO THINGS?! W.T.F. Continue reading “A New Age of Weridness”

Debt Free!*

Yes you read that right – we are now officially debt free for the first time in our lives!* Continue reading “Debt Free!*”

2020 – New Year, New Resolutions, New Challenges!

Welcome to 2020!

Did you miss me? Yes, I have been posting once a month for the past two months. No, that doesn’t a good blogger make. I GET IT. That said, 2020 is a new year with new, exciting possibilities. Also I thought you might be wondering how many challenges I decided to join this January, as compared to the 4 I joined last January and described on my blog in detail. Continue reading “2020 – New Year, New Resolutions, New Challenges!”

Month 14 on the Journey to FIRE – November 2019

Well hello there. Posts are getting scarce. Is one post a month enough to bring the boys to the yard? Unlikely. I’ll need to work on that. Let’s get right to business, shall we? Continue reading “Month 14 on the Journey to FIRE – November 2019”

Day One of DIY Investing

Even just two years ago, I would NEVER have expected to be DIY investing. I doubt I knew DIY investing was an actual thing. I mean yeah, I knew a guy who traded stocks online by himself in his basement when he wasn’t working his day job, and probably spent hours researching companies and markets in an attempt to make a profit. But really that was SO FAR out of my wheelhouse that it just seemed like something as distant as magical rainbow unicorns. Continue reading “Day One of DIY Investing”

Months 10 & 11 FIRE Report – July and August 2019

11 months? REALLY? Wowza. In many ways I feel I’ve not done enough. In other ways I feel I’ve done so much more than I would have without a significant change in my mindset 11 months ago. I don’t know which one outweighs the other. Perhaps that isn’t important at all. However, I am definitely going to reflect on this as the first year of attempting FI/RE comes to a close. Welcome to the monthly FIRE report. Continue reading “Months 10 & 11 FIRE Report – July and August 2019”

Is FIRE the right path for me?

Me Ranting for a bit. Sorry.

I mean, I know I want to get out of the daily grind sooner rather than later. So, the desire is there. But do I have the WILL to make it happen? What about accommodations I must make for my family? Do I just need to be more patient to allow myself the chance to amass wealth and save, save, save? Continue reading “Is FIRE the right path for me?”

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