About Me

Hello and welcome! I created this blog in October of 2018 to help improve my financial situation, to share and help others with personal finance, and to document my journey to FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). If you want to start from the beginning, read my first post here. The blog also provides me with added motivation to continue to focus on FIRE activities for the long haul. It’s a significant journey which will require many years of consistent effort.

My name is “T”, and my husband is “I”, or more affectionately known on the blog as “Hubs”. Although Hubs isn’t really into the topic of personal finance, he is slowly coming to understand that I’m obsessed and probably will never stop talking about it. He is jumping on board here and there in a…methodical manner, which is great! Because of my family’s general desires, we are going for more of a “Slow FI” approach. for a good definition of Slow FI, please visit thisĀ  great article from the Fioneer’s.

We live in a small Canadian suburb of a small Canadian city. We have one young boy, “M”, and live in a lovely 2-storey home in a lovely neighbourhood.

I am a Project Manager by trade, and I have an uber-interesting job with the Federal Government. That keeps me busy 40+ hours per week. My goal is to eventually get to a point where I don’t NEED my job anymore, but can choose to do it, just because I want to. I also look forward to pursuing other income streams to allow more flexibility in the future.

I love summer, vacationing, and especially the beach!

M looking out at the beach while laying on some red chairs.
M gazing at the beach while on vacation.

We are fortunate to have very little debt (about 18k outside of our mortgage – UPDATE: Now ZERO dollars! This was paid off a little over a year into shooting for Financial Independence). We are trying to pay it off at an accelerated pace so that we can maximize savings to get in a pattern of 1. Having a high savings rate, and 2. Spending only money that we have.

My dream is that my blog will inspire even one person to improve their financial situation to allow themselves more freedom later in life. Thank you for stopping by!

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