A New Age of Weridness

So, uh, things have gotten a *bit* weird. Is it just me? I didn’t think so. Anyway, I’m totally thrown off my blogging game. It’s clear that in times of crisis, all my planned good habits and routines go out the window.

Life 3 weeks ago: working, kid going to school, husband working, doing all the things.

Life now: Laid off work, husband working (thank GOSH), HOME SCHOOLING? DOING NO THINGS?! W.T.F.

Regardless I feel busy. Turns out just plain taking care of a 6 year old for 8+ hours a day is way harder than actually going to work. And to actually teach him something useful? Even harder still. I feel for all of you parents doing this for 2+ children! I’m sure you’re laughing your socks off about how easy I have it. It’s all relative, I suppose.

Speaking of relatives, I miss mine. I haven’t seen my parents or in-laws for weeks. I did organize a nice “virtual drink” night with my parents and my brother. So at least it was a little bit of family love in this rather trying time.

On the flip side, I’m an introvert. So the fact that I have zero obligations after 8pm and on weekends is pretty nice in some regards. That said, time at home is much less relaxing than it used to be, pre-kids. You have some obligation to create a productive and non-sloth-like environment for them. Which is probably quite good for me as well, to ensure I get out of my pajamas more than once a week. Those of you who don’t have children just have to force yourselves into it. Maybe it’s easy for some, however I would be happy as a clam to hide in bed / the basement / the kitchen for hours, reading / computering / cooking and baking, not necessarily in that order.

FI/RE Financial Independence Efforts during the Weird

You’re probably wondering, how are the FI/RE efforts going, TONFIRE? Frankly, they are not. I’m just trying to survive over here. I rejigged my budget in YNAB (You Need A Budget) to empty all of my sinking funds into essential fixed and variable expenses. YNAB is a total Godsend for me right now. I can easily see exactly how much I have and how much I need for essentials. I can see that I have enough money to get me through April if I don’t buy frivolous stuff. We won’t be able to cover everything forever on Hubs’ salary alone, but with government assistance and our tax return (thank you, good timing) we can definitely weather the storm through May.  In terms of investments to get me to FI/RE? Let’s just not go there, k? Maybe we talk again in 6-12 months.

Sigh. Overall, we’re all doing well. Trying not to catch that thing that’s going around. We have been to the grocery store a few times since my province issued a state of emergency. We’re all just hoping we’ve done it soon enough to slow it down and not overwhelm the healthcare system, which is delicate enough as it is.

Challenge $1000 Update

I’ve been thinking about how to ramp up my additional income efforts during my layoff period, and trying to keep the momentum going for Challenge $1000, announced in late February on this blog. It’s tricky because people don’t want to buy stuff right now with their own incomes being at risk, or nonexistent. The 2 items I posted on eBay this month did not sell. Sooo I may have to put a wee extension on the challenge, or just try to make up for the losses over this month and next. UserTesting is unfortunately also sparse during this time. I’m guessing that the shutdown of some companies that are non-essential is affecting the amount of tests I can receive.

Although times are weird, we are doing okay. I know we have it MUCH better than many others in layoff situations. This week I’m thinking about what to do to help those individuals. My first stop is the food bank. They have a high demand right now, so a few extra dollars their way will hopefully be a small help.

How’s your weird world going? I’d love to hear all about it. Take care of yourselves, we’ll be out of the weirdness eventually.


3 Replies to “A New Age of Weridness”

  1. Hey, T! It’s always nice to read an update from you, even during these weird times, and even if the news isn’t great.

    I’m sorry to hear about your layoff. That’s tough, but it sounds like you’re doing a good job managing the loss in income and the huge shift in daily life.

    We’re very fortunate that my husband’s job is stable (for now) but I’ve lost my side income of housing students. I think it’ll be a while before that starts up again. 🙁

    I also share your love of YNAB, especially during these trying times. It’s incredibly reassuring to see all our money in front of me, knowing exactly where it’s going in the next month or two.

    As for homeschooling, we’re just starting that this week—I let my kids off the hook the last two weeks since it was their Spring Break! Luckily, Kid 2’s teacher seems to be on top of it and has already sent some homework and websites he needs to get set up on.

    Kid 1 is in high school though, and has 8 teachers, so it’ll be a lot trickier. We’ll see this week what his teachers work out.

    On the whole, we’re doing well. I’m glad you’re healthy and safe, and hope, like you, that we’re doing enough to keep this thing under control.

    Take care, T! I look forward to the next update from you.

    1. Thank you Chrissy! We are doing ok. Hopefully my work shutdown will not last too long. I’m glad your husband is still working but sorry to hear about the side gig. I hope things are able to get back to normal in a month or so……ugh. Best of luck with home schooling. Your job sounds way harder than mine. It’s day 2 and my kid already dislikes mom school. Haha!

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