$500 Challenge – Progress Report 5

Well hello! It’s been almost a full month since my last progress report on August 9th. I figured it’s high time for an update on my $500 challenge! Besides, it’s hurricane level rain outside at the moment, what else am I going to do?

$500 Challenge Update

As of today, September 7th, I’m 75% of the way to September 30, 2019.

I’ve made $335, which is 67% of my goal.

Well, I’m relatively happy with that. I definitely could have worked harder in the month of August, however I basically took the month off from generating income/FIRE stuff. Sooo I’m glad I have made it as far as this. Here’s a breakdown of the $$ made since my last report:

Community Yard Sale: $79

Ebay Item: $80

Facebook sales: $22

Usertesting.com: $53.52

That’s how she stacks up folks! I’m looking forward to developing a more serious side hustle, however I have not given it my full attention. Therefore it’s going to be a struggle to get that last $165 before the end of September. I will do some brainstorming tonight to determine the fastest way. Must get that Questrade account funded.

Good luck out there, FIRE comrades!

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