$500 Challenge – Progress Report 4

Good day kindly blog readers! Welcome to my fourth progress report on the $500 challenge! Firstly, I would like to apologize for my lack of posts lately. I’ve been on vacation and other things take priority – i.e. Fun and sun, family time, etc. No offence, blog.

That said, I’ve been able to make a very small amount of progress since last report, so may as well throw it out there. Needless to say, it has been a slow week once again, due to the vacation fun this time around.

Beautiful Vacation Waterfall!

$500 Challenge Update

As of today, Aug 9, I’m 43% of the way to September 30, 2019. ALMOST HALF WAY :O

I’ve made $110.10, which is 22% of my goal.

Well, better than nothing.

How did I make $20 you ask?

  1. Signed up for Usertesting.com and did my first test.
  2. Sold 1 item on Facebook Marketplace.

Usertesting.com has been an interesting experience so far. I’ve done another test but I haven’t been paid yet for that one. What I like about it is the tests are short (15-20 minutes) so I can pretty much sneak one in anytime. And, it’s a bit fun. That said, it’s not a cash cow, since I qualify for very few tests! I’ll be sure to post an update in the future.

Facebook Marketplace has been pretty good to me. Things don’t always sell immediately, but most things do eventually. I just need to take the time to post them more often.

Ebay is another story. I’ve relisted my latest item for the 3rd time, but the interest just isn’t there. It is a collectible item, so I think the market is pretty small for these. I’ll probably relist it with a lower starting bid next time around. I also need to get the rest of my items up there that are tagged for eBay!

Actions towards future cash flow

Amazon – This week I signed up for an Amazon seller account. Currently I’m just on the individual plan, where you can sell up to 20 items per month. I just want to try things out before I sign up for the professional plan (which is still quite affordable!) I’m trying a bit of retail and online arbitrage to get my feet wet. There’s lots of free information about selling on Amazon in both Canada and the USA on the interwebs if it’s something you’re interested in trying.

AirBnB/Rental Unit (Pie in the Sky type stuff at the moment) – Hubs and I talked about how we might be able to convert a portion of our basement into an AirBnB/rental unit. I think this would be a way in the future thing, since it will require a considerable investment in renovations. That said, wouldn’t it be SUPER COOL? Anyway…that’s a big project that we’re not ready to jump into yet. Still, it’s fun to dream.  This definitely won’t happen prior to the end of the $500 challenge!

That’s about it. I didn’t have much time for crafting or community yard sale planning due to being on vacation in another province, however I hope to get back to that next week upon my return to “normal” life.

Tell me all about your interesting side hustle in the comments. Tally ho good readers!

4 Replies to “$500 Challenge – Progress Report 4”

    1. Haha thanks Chrissy! I read your blog report regarding income so far. It was very informative! You have done an amazing job setting it up, I have no doubt your pennies will be multiplying soon 🙂

  1. Fingers crossed! 🤞

    It’s been hard keeping up with the blog over the summer. And juggling the podcast too. So much that I want to do, but not enough time to get to it!

    That’s why I’m so impressed that you can do so much side hustling when you work full time!

    1. I agree, there just isn’t enough time. I would say things like housework, proper and kickass parenting, cooking healthy meals and my exercise routine are all suffering from doing too much. I need to cut back a bit to make time for these more important things.

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