$500 Challenge – Progress Report 3

This past week has been very slow for the $500 challenge. To read more about the $500 challenge, go here. I made $22. Not great. My eBay item did not sell this week, so this was a sale of 3 items on Facebook Marketplace. I’m debating if I should start including CC cash back rewards and Savings interest, but I kinda feel like that’s cheating. Sooo I’m just going to focus on bonus cash above and beyond those things.

$500 Challenge Update

As of today, Jul 31, I’m 34% of the way through the challenge.

I’ve made $90.10, which is 18% of my goal.

On the bright side I did a bit more crafting to sell in a community yard sale that is happening in September. I hope to make a good chunk of my $500 goal at the community yard sale. I need to get planning for that soon, as summer is passing by far too quickly for my tastes. It is my favourite season, oh yes! Silly to be living in Canada, I know. Although, I theorize that I enjoy summer the most to some extent BECAUSE it’s so short, but who knows. I would love to move south for a few years to find out for sure. Getting Hubs on board is the challenging part.

Tropical beach house with pool and palm trees
T’s Ideal Living Situation

Plans for the coming week(s):

  • Go on vacation for a few days, hurray! Try not to go over budget.
  • Post 2-3 more things for sale. I re-posted the eBay listing to give it another shot.
  • Start planning/organizing for the community yard sale in September.
  • Investigate online business options even further. Reading the 4-hour workweek by Tim Ferriss, which is inspiring me!

What are you doing to make extra money this summer? Or, are you taking a break to enjoy the season? Let me know in the comments!


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