$500 Challenge – Progress Report 1

Hi All! As you may have read in my previous post, I gave myself a $500 challenge to make $500 in 3 months. The challenge started July 1st, and will finish on September 30th, 2019.

Once I reach my goal, I will take that money, combine it with my $500 I’ve already saved from my allowance, and put the money in my self-directed investment account. Hurray!

So far I’m about 17.6% of the way through the timeline to September 30th.

I’ve made $49, which means I’ve achieved 9.8% of my goal.  I got here by selling an item on eBay!

Although I’m slightly behind schedule, I hope to catch up by the end of July.

2 people climbing a rock face
Now THIS is a challenge!

I have another item posted on eBay which I hope will sell. I have a few more items to get posted (hopefully one more will go up this week). I don’t have time for crafting this week, but next week is a bit less hectic. A bunch of appointments are happening this week, along with some summer activities that are very important to us to ensure maximum warm-weather/life enjoyment.

Are you doing your own $500 Challenge or perhaps some other challenge to increase your income? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!


5 Replies to “$500 Challenge – Progress Report 1”

  1. Nice work! $49 is nothing to sneeze at. 🙂

    Selling on eBay is something I’d like to learn, but I never seen to get around to it. My biggest hang-up is how to deal with the shipping. That seems like a headache! How do you deal with it T?

    1. Thanks Chrissy! For shipping, I use the calculator on eBay. You can place it on your listing and then buyers enter their postal code to determine cost. When I am creating the listing I have already taken the pictures, packed the item in a box and weighed it/taken measurements. Those get entered into the listing so that the shipping cost is accurate in the calculator. That’s it!

      1. That sounds so easy! What happens after the item is sold? Do you print a label from eBay? Where do you drop off the item? Canada Post, or another carrier?

        Sorry for all the questions! eBay’s just so mysterious to me! My husband once sold an Xbox on eBay and the shipping was a huge pain.

        But that was probably 10 years ago or more. So I’m wondering if things have improved.

        1. I use Canada Post because it tends to be the least expensive. I print the shipping label from the Canada Post Website using my small business account (you can get some discounts that way). You may have better pricing with UPS or FedEx but it tends to be more expensive from what I’ve seen!!

          1. THANK YOU T! This is really helpful and makes me want to get onto eBay to sell things right this moment. LOL.

            But seriously, the whole shipping thing has held me back from selling on eBay for YEARS! You’ve motivated me to get past that and just try it out.

            I’ll let you know when I finally do it—thank you!

            PS Just yesterday, someone told me about a shipping service called Chit Chats that’s really good and maybe even cheaper than Canada Post (which I don’t understand since they use Canada Post!) Anyway, might be worth checking out!

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