Financial Independence activities as of late

I committed to myself a while back that I would publish something every week on this blog to keep myself accountable to my goal of financial independence. This probably means not every post will be as riveting as I would like. I’m gonna go ahead and say that this week’s post is no exception! I honestly didn’t do much towards improving my personal financial situation recently. I will try to do better in future. Anyway, here’s a list: Continue reading “Financial Independence activities as of late”

Chronicles of No Frivolous Internet Challenge – Oct-Nov 2022

This post is to document my experience during the “No Frivolous Internet Challenge” posted about previously here. It will be updated weekly at a minimum for accountability and to give you a LOL, I hope. This challenge runs until at least November 26th, 2022. Continue reading “Chronicles of No Frivolous Internet Challenge – Oct-Nov 2022”

Passive Income – My New Focus in Life

If you have been around here long enough, you’ve probably heard of me mention passive income on a few occasions. I’m starting to become a bit obsessed with it so I want to harness that, and try to focus my efforts more on the passivity, and less on “RANDOM WAYS TO MAKE EXTRA CASH!” Examples of random ways I’ve attempted to increase my income that are not passive include putting gigs on Fiverr, UserTesting and other similar testing sites, and selling/reselling items online. Continue reading “Passive Income – My New Focus in Life”

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