Shaving (Saving) 4K

In a previous post I worked out that our family spent around $84,000 in 2021. I also reviewed spending and theorized that we could be saving around $4k without too much hardship (I.e. maybe I could do it sneakily so my family wouldn’t even notice!)

That said, I want to get them in on the action on how we can manage saving 4k this year. Or at least, the last 3/4 of this year. HOW IS IT ALREADY MID-APRIL? For one thing, Hubs indicated he wanted to be more involved in finances 1.34 years ago. This is a step I can take in that general direciton. Two, I want to teach M some skills about saving money, budgeting, and managing finances sooner rather than later. Continue reading “Shaving (Saving) 4K”

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