To blog or not to blog

That is the question.

So my 3 year blog hosting renewal notice came. Weirdly they want to charge me 3 times the amount they did for the last 3 years. How rude! Anyway, I am now faced with the task of evaluating my continued existence in the blogosphere. I mean, it’s okayyy in here I guess. I like doing it. But I also like not doing it (see summer of 2021 giant hole of no posts). The question is, which do I like better?

Sigh. I could take the time and migrate the blog to a new host (or a free blog site with a not-so-fancy domain). Or I could take it all down and have a “celebration of life” for it. Either way it’s a tough decision. If I do migrate the blog I will need to renew my commitment to it.

I’ll need to have an answer within the next 10 days. Hopefully I will be given some kind of sign telling me to do one or the other. In the meantime, I will just stew and worry about what to do. This is the way.

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