January Challenges

Par usual in January, I’ve signed up for some challenges…I said I was NOT GOING TO OVERDO IT as I have in previous years, and I think I’m kinda following my own advice? Continue reading “January Challenges”

T’s Family Update

Well, we got a pet.

I’ve been wanting a pet for quite some time, having not had one since our 17 year old cat, “Stickabudda”, passed in 2011. Our delay in getting another pet was really around Hubs being a bit pet-shy. Stickabudda had some health issues in the latter part of her life which made caring for her much more difficult and expensive. However, after much encouragement from me and M (read: us constantly talking about it, texting cute photos of pets who need a home, etc.), we finally decided to take the plunge. Continue reading “T’s Family Update”

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