FI/RE Progress – Metrics and Whatnot

Good Day!

I decided today that I needed to do some high-level analysis on my progress in terms of FI/RE related metrics.


    • Increasing income
    • Reducing expenses
    • Increasing savings/investing

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Creating Systems, not just setting Goals

Do you ever get in a rut and not prioritize the important things because you’re too busy running around working and doing the lower priority life things?

Do you ever think you just need to slow down to sort it out and re-jig your life to give more time to the high priority things?

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How are YOU doing?

Hi everyone. How are YOU doing? Are you surviving in these trying times? I’m doing okay, thank you. Things are a wee bit overwhelming right now, between busy work days, holiday planning, parenting stuff, and pandemic navigation, it’s difficult to find time to take a breath and reflect on life. Oh! And, find time to blog. Continue reading “How are YOU doing?”

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