Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – August 2020

According to my calculations, August 2020 is month 23 of attempting to achieve Financial Independence, with a goal to eventually Retire Early. Hurray! Continue reading “Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – August 2020”

100th Blog Post!

Welcome to my 100th blog post. WOOHOO!

I felt like this momentous occasion should be recognized somehow. Not just a boring FI/RE report, or a “yada yada, T blabbing on” post, or a well-crafted analysis of some app or product.

That begs the question, what SHOULD the 100th post be about? Well,I’m not too sure, but I’m just going to make up some stuff and see how that goes. Continue reading “100th Blog Post!”

When it Rains…

So pretty much immediately after publishing the article “Saving September” which detailed my challenge to spend only a very specific, planned amount of money for the month, it rained. Continue reading “When it Rains…”

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