Time Travel

What if you could go back in time and hang out with your younger self?  I listened to myself on the ExploreFI Canada podcast this week which was a bizarro, surreal time travel to 1 year ago. At that time, I was 8 months into my FI journey. Continue reading “Time Travel”

Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – May 2020

Hello! Since my last report, my FI/RE (Financial Independence) Journey is back on track. I returned to work on May 28th. What a relief! That said, 2 months of unemployment was painful financially; many of the sinking funds we established were drained and re-allocated to critical expenses. Investments tanked, net worth plummeted. Things are at least back on an upswing in that area. Continue reading “Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – May 2020”

FI/RE Things I did lately

Here is a list of random FI/RE things I have done lately that may or may not inspire you to make your own list of accomplishments, or add some things to your FI/RE to dos. Happy Spring! Continue reading “FI/RE Things I did lately”

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