Monthly FIRE (Financial Independence) Report – March 2020

Well here we are in month uhhhh, something-or-other of shooting for FI/RE! This monthly financial independence report is brought to you by the letter S, for “Send help, it’s day 29 of isolation for T”.

A great month spending-wise, but it has nothing to do with my savvy ability to cut expenses. No siree. Unfortunately it takes a worldwide pandemic for us to get our spending under control. HA! Anyway, let’s forget about all that for a moment, and focus on how we, the T on FIRE family, are going to do better next month and every month going forward, with or without a pandemic.

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Pandemic 2020 Musings

So, how is everyone doing during this bonkers thing, pandemic 2020? What’s going on these days? Staying home and doing nothing like me? Fantastic! That is what we all need to do right now. Continue reading “Pandemic 2020 Musings”

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