Review of 2020 – A worthy minor side hustle?

In July of 2019, I applied to work as a user tester at on the advice of a friend. I was looking for small, non-time consuming side hustle to make a bit of extra cash in the evenings to cover occasional frivolous purchases that I could buy without guilt. “Beer money”, one might call it, except I generally do not buy beer with it. That said, we do, occasionally, partake. Enough about beer.

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Month 15 on the Journey to FIRE – December 2019

Well hello. I’m thinking going forward I should just call this the monthly FIRE report. Like, I feel like I’m talking about a toddler. A 15-month old toddler. Hmm. That’s a good analogy to where I’m at on this journey to FIRE. Just a toddler, bumbling around and hitting my head on things. On to the good stuff! Continue reading “Month 15 on the Journey to FIRE – December 2019”

Debt Free!*

Yes you read that right – we are now officially debt free for the first time in our lives!* Continue reading “Debt Free!*”

2020 – New Year, New Resolutions, New Challenges!

Welcome to 2020!

Did you miss me? Yes, I have been posting once a month for the past two months. No, that doesn’t a good blogger make. I GET IT. That said, 2020 is a new year with new, exciting possibilities. Also I thought you might be wondering how many challenges I decided to join this January, as compared to the 4 I joined last January and described on my blog in detail. Continue reading “2020 – New Year, New Resolutions, New Challenges!”

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