2020 – New Year, New Resolutions, New Challenges!

Welcome to 2020!

Did you miss me? Yes, I have been posting once a month for the past two months. No, that doesn’t a good blogger make. I GET IT. That said, 2020 is a new year with new, exciting possibilities. Also I thought you might be wondering how many challenges I decided to join this January, as compared to the 4 I joined last January and described on my blog in detail.

Well, I’ve signed up for ANOTHER 5. But, they are a bit less demanding. So I feel it’s manageable. Like, cutting out sugar? Why did I even try that.Β  Here is a rundown for 2020!

Afford Anything One Tweak a Week Challenge – this was one of my favorite challenges last year. It was easy and effective. So, why not rejoin in 2020? Thanks, Paula Pant!

SPAR Challenge 1 – 90 days to an organized home – You may recall that last year, I started using the iOS app called “SPAR!” to help motivate myself, and possibly make a little cash as well. I wrote a review of the SPAR! iOS app if you are interested. Anyway, I signed up for this challenge because my home is very disorganized, and I am having anxiety over too much stuff, and not knowing where anything is. The plan is to do the challenge 3 times over to refine the house over time, thus improving my mental state πŸ™‚

SPAR Challenge 2 5000 steps a day. Now this one only lasts a couple of weeks, but it’s just a wee check and balance to ensure I don’t sit on my butt too much.

A Great Canadian Running/Walking Challenge – I need to walk, or run, 1000kms in the year 2020. An excellent off-the-butt motivator! There’s no prize, but I do get my name on a leaderboard with 5000 other people. Hurray!

First 3km Snowshoe in for the 1000km challenge in 2020.

Other plans to challenge myself

I really want to do another “no internet” challenge, or at minimum, no junk internet challenge. This would include social media, or sites that just suck up your time like YouTube and Reddit. Although, I really LOVE YouTube. Maybe it would be limited to “Videos that teach me how to do something”.

Also on the books is another “money-making” challenge. I.e. challenge myself to make $1000 to put in my new RRSP over a set period of time. This would be similar to last year’s semi-successful $500 challenge. But like, more successful.

Lastly, have a list of resolutions with specific action items associated with each. I hope to focus on this list throughout the entire year. these include, in no particular order:

  1. Creation and action towards a much more solid FIRE plan
  2. Being a better parent to M
  3. Eating healthy, more whole foods
  4. Taking care of my aging bod. You only get one of these.
  5. Organizing my home
  6. Reducing my eco-footprint/advocating for the planet
  7. Spending more time with family & friends.

That’s probably enough *for now*. I have a bad habit of overwhelming myself with stuff that only gets half-done in the end, so it’s best to just hone in on very specific, valuable things. Identify the most impactful efforts and do those first to completion.

I look forward to continuing to blog my journey in the future. May 2020 be your best year πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you. In that case you must join me on the Great Cycle Challenge for sick kids hospital. Takes place during the month of June. πŸ™‚ greatcyclechallenge.ca

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