Heat Pumps – were they worth it?

In October 2018, we installed 2 heat pumps. Coincidentally, this coincides with my first month on the journey to FIRE.

In some ways it was not a FIRE-y thing to do – spend thousands of dollars we didn’t have. In other ways, it could be considered FIRE-y if the ROI is good enough to justify the purchase. Today, I’d like to dive into some numbers to determine our estimated ROI and if it was all worth it. Continue reading “Heat Pumps – were they worth it?”

Attempting FIRE – First Year in Review

Today, I want to dive deeper into my first year of FIRE, and see how things have been going since I began attempting FIRE in October, 2018. Continue reading “Attempting FIRE – First Year in Review”

One Year on the Journey to FIRE

Well, here we are. One year ago, I started lumbering towards the destination of Financial Independence Retire Early. I say lumbering, because it feels like my journey to FIRE is moving in slo-mo. Continue reading “One Year on the Journey to FIRE”

Day One of DIY Investing

Even just two years ago, I would NEVER have expected to be DIY investing. I doubt I knew DIY investing was an actual thing. I mean yeah, I knew a guy who traded stocks online by himself in his basement when he wasn’t working his day job, and probably spent hours researching companies and markets in an attempt to make a profit. But really that was SO FAR out of my wheelhouse that it just seemed like something as distant as magical rainbow unicorns. Continue reading “Day One of DIY Investing”

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